Piotr Małecki: Recycling of Souls

Recycling of Souls
Piotr Małecki

Ekon Association in Warsaw is a recycling plant that provides jobs for people with learning difficulties or mental health issues; who would otherwise find it difficult to get work.

Piotr Małecki: The Commuters

The Commuters
Piotr Małecki

Story about a group of friends, who commute together to work in Warsaw.

Piotr Małecki: The Lift to Heaven

The Lift to Heaven
Piotr Małecki

Short documentary about disco polo, a type of dance music which originated in rural areas of Poland.
Though considered tacky by many people, it is becoming incredibly popular.
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Piotr Małecki: Wika

Piotr Małecki

Wika Szmit is 74 years old and a pensioner. Three times a week she runs discos at the Bolek club in Warsaw. Produced, edited and shot by Piotr Malecki. Part of an ongoing series about life in Warsaw.

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