Piotr Małecki: I Prefer Village

I Prefer Village
Piotr Małecki

A survey was made around people living in the villages in South-East Poland. As it turns out, most of them prefer to live in the village.

Piotr Małecki: Potatoes

Piotr Małecki

Story shot in two huge farms financed by the state, inspired by the news from the visit of Belorussian president Aleksandr Lukashenko in one of them.
The president is going to make Belarus a giant of potato production, making this vegetable the main export of this cash starved country. Lukashenko, himself a former collective farm director, knows what he's talking about.

Filip Ćwik: inside / outside

inside / outside
Filip Ćwik

On Wendesday May 19, 2010 water on Vistula river reached the highest level in this region since 1860. The anti-flood dam broke at 6.40 am in Kocmierzow. Water flooded living quarters in Sandomierz, surrounding villages and almost entire Tarnobrzeg county. On Saturday June 5, the second wave of flooding came, bringing even more destruction.

Adam Lach: Reenactment of Warsaw Uprising 1944

Reenactment of Warsaw Uprising 1944
Adam Lach

The Warsaw Rising started on August 1/1944 at 5 p.m. The Polish resistance fighters fought with the German army for 63 days on the streets of Warsaw, until Poles finally lost to Germans by October 2/1944. Polish losses amounted to 18,000 soldiers killed and 25,000 wounded, in addition to between 120,000 and 200,000 civilian deaths, mostly from mass murders conducted by retreating German troops.

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